Wrexham announces friendly match against Manchester United — with a little help from the legendary Alex Ferguson



Manchester United and Wrexham announced they will be facing each other in a friendly later this year – with the help of a surprising sporting crossover.

Appearing together on a video call, Wrexham’s Hollywood co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney phoned legendary United manager Alex Ferguson to discuss the match, which will take place at San Diego’s Snapdragon Stadium on July 25.

Wrexham has risen to relative fame in the United States since Reynolds and McElhenney bought the Welsh club in November 2020, with the story of their takeover and first season in charge told in the hit documentary ‘Welcome to Wrexham.’

“I can’t believe we’re about to talk with the Sir Alex Ferguson,” McElhenney says. “Arguably the greatest football manager ever. He’s won 13 Premier League titles.”

“I know, I’m super nervous,” Reynolds replies. “I hear he is a master intimidator.”

The video call ends without a word from Ferguson, who stares blankly down the camera as Reynolds and McElhenney chatter nervously.

“That was terrifying,” McElhenney says.

“I told you, master intimidator. He lives right up here,” Reynolds responds, pointing to his own head.

When asked how the call went with Reynolds and McElhenney, Ferguson replies: “They were on mute. I never heard a thing.”

The friendly will be part of United’s preseason tour, the first time in five years the club has been to the US, while it will be the first time Wrexham has played in the States in the club’s history.

“The match against Manchester United is sure to be a memorable occasion,” Wrexham manager Phi Parkinson said in a statement.

“We enjoy welcoming supporters from the US to the Racecourse Ground, and we’re looking forward to being able to play in front of some of these new fans on American soil in the summer.”


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